Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Postcard Theme: Beach)

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey; © Cloudy_Wings

In my official Postcrossing profile, I started a game, requesting cards on a specific topic. I’m curious to see what kinds of different associations people connect with a certain topic or word. The theme for July was “Beach”, seeing as I was headed to the coast myself. The incoming postcards were quite interesting – and very different. A painting of a beach in Australia, a city beach by the river Elbe in Hamburg, two stranded starfish and a tiny penguin looking out at the ocean. Then there was a mole digging through what might be sand and a seabird with an interesting method of catching fish. I also added my own vacation card from Rügen.

Receiving all kinds of different postcards is fun on its own. Still, I thought I might try and match the received cards with a (postcard-worthy) picture of my own. Although I did spend my summer vacation at the beach, I didn’t take any real beach photos this time. Crowded beaches are not really my favourite photo motifs, and I think the sunbathers wouldn’t be happy about people running around with cameras, either. So I choose an older picture, an early morning shot from Long Beach Island in New Jersey. The shore was empty just after sunrise, except for a few like-minded souls enjoying the early light and the eerie calm of a deserted beach.

Postcard Theme: Beach

Postcard Theme: Beach

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