Finding Peace at Nymphenburg (Travel Theme: Stillness)

Nymphenburg Castle in Munich, Germany

Nymphenburg Castle in Munich, Germany; © Cloudy_Wings

It can be hard to find some peace and quiet in a bustling city. When the rush gets too much, I like to find a park and breathe deeply. However, when the park is a popular spot or near a famous tourist attraction, it can still be busy. But even in the busiest places you can find a quiet spot. While in New York, I used to love climbing the boulders in Central Park and watching the bustle from above.

Munich isn’t as busy as New York, but it can still be nice to find an escape sometimes. Of course, there’s the English Garden and the banks of the Isar. But you might also check out Nymphenburg. While the immediate area around the castle can be quite overrun with tourists, there’s also a large park behind the castle. The further you go, the quieter it gets. You can enjoy the stillness of the water while walking along the canal, with the castle visible in the distance. From there, the path leads into a forest, where you can discover quiet springs, a lake and another smaller castle.

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