Michael Jackson Memorial, Munich (Travel Theme: Creative)

Michael Jackson Memorial, Munich

Michael Jackson Memorial, Munich; © Cloudy_Wings

Did you know there’s a Michael Jackson Memorial in Munich? Well, it’s not an official statue erected in his honor. Rather, his fans have gotten creative on the base of an existing monument. They have reappropriated the statue of Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso and decorated it with flowers and images of the King of Pop.

Why this statue, you ask? Well, the link to a fellow musician seems fitting. But, mostly, it’s owing to the memorial’s location right outside the hotel Bayrischer Hof. Michael Jackson usually stayed there when he was in Munich, and of course, the fans were camping outside, hoping to get a glimpse of their star. After his death in 2009 they gathered there to lay down flowers and light candles.

So far, the city and the ministry tolerate the inofficial memorial that is maintained by a group of fans. But there’s also an ongoing petition for the erection of a statue that actually shows the King of Pop.

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