Independence Hall (Travel Theme: Early)

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Independence Hall, Philadelphia; © Cloudy_Wings

Philadelphia impressed me. A lot. I spent two days strolling through the historc city center, following the footsteps of the Founding Fathers. I was especially excited to visit Independende Hall, where the Early Republic took shape – here the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Constitution, too. I missed the time slots to see the inside on my first day, so I got in line at the visitor center early the next morning to draw my ticket. I didn’t want to miss out on this chance to see the rooms where the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention met. The public rooms have been restored to their 18th century appearance and it was really quite impressive.

Now, if you can’t quite follow my excitement for early US history, maybe I should add that I visited Philadelphia just a few months after obtaining my University degree in American History (and writing a thesis paper on the American Revolution). I was quite giddy, finally seeing in real life what so far I had only learned about through books. Of course, the same goes for my visit to Boston a few weeks later.

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