A Flock of Birds (Travel Theme: Flutter)

Sparrows and a Red Cardinal in New York

Sparrows and a Red Cardinal in New York; © Cloudy_Wings

I enjoy taking pictures of birds – if I ever catch them, that is. On weekends, you might see me in the park or down by the river with camera in hand stalking ducks and gulls. Usually, they flutter away before I get a good shot. In some places, however, the birds are used to being fed and I remember a bunch of sparrows in a park in Paris cheekily hopping closer, hoping for some crumbs. If you move slowly, they present a good opportunity for some pictures.

While travelling, pictures of birds become even more interesting, as you might see some species that you don’t find where you live. The photo above was taken in New York, and while sparrows are common enough for me, the red cardinal is not a bird I’ll see every day as it is not native to Europe. While I lived in New York, I was fascinated by all the birds I had never seen before. I often watched the American robins and blue jays in the backyard.  I didn’t get many good shots, however. So the few pictures I have of the American birds are extra special.

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2 thoughts on “A Flock of Birds (Travel Theme: Flutter)

  1. I’ve always wanted to see a red cardinal. They only live in eastern North America though and as I am in the west I’ve never seen one. What a vibrant red bird!

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