Review: 12 Trips in 2015 (Why I Won’t do a Travel Challenge This Year)

Greek Theater in Taormina with view of Mount Etna

Greek Theater in Taormina with view of Mount Etna, © Cloudy_Wings

If you’ve been following my blog, you might wonder whatever happened to the Travel Challenge: 12 Trips in 2015? Well, not too much, actually. I didn’t really get as much travelling and day tripping into my schedule last year as I had planned.

Although, looking back at 2015, I did go on an awesome summer vacation to Sicily and the beautiful Aeolian Islands. And I spent an extended weekend in Trier, even making a detour to Luxembourg. That makes two international trips in 2015.

Apart from a rather rushed trip to Offenburg I didn’t do any of the day trips I had planned, though. I didn’t visit any museums, either, besides the temporary Tut Anch Amun Exhibit  that I had seen before, and I didn’t even go to the zoo once last year.

It doesn’t mean that I stayed in all year. But whenever I went out to do something in Munich, I always questioned whether it was exciting enough to count towards my challenge. Things like going to the park or visiting a Christmas market. Even the world-famous Oktoberfest, an event others travel across half the world to attend, seems rather ordinary to me because I’ve been there almost every year since I can walk.

To sum it up, I did make some pretty exciting trips last year. But the challenge that was meant to motivate me actually made me question whether my experiences were “worthy” of my self-imposed goal, thus somewhat spoiling my otherwise enjoyable adventures.

This year I won’t put myself into such constraints. Instead, I’ll just have fun. I’ll make plans for day trips, I’ll take my camera for a walk in the park and I might even go on a big summer vacation. Or I won’t. And whenever I feel like sharing a picture or a story, I’ll do that. And most of all, I’ll enjoy myself.


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