Oktoberfest 2015: Chocolate Strawberries and Carousels

Oktoberfest 2015, © Cloudy_Wings

Millions of people travel to Munich every autumn to attend the famous Oktoberfest. Having grown up near Munich, I have visited the Oktoberfest almost every year. For me, it doesn’t hold that special event status it does for some of the visitors who have travelled around the world just to see it.

Growing up in Bavaria, I had plenty of opportunities to visit events like the Oktoberfest. Throughout the summer, you’ll find them in every town – festivals with beer tents, games and rides. It’s just that the Oktoberfest is the biggest of them all, and the most popular. And that’s really the problem: unless you can go during the week, preferably at noon, you’ll find it extremely crowded.

This year, with being on vacation at the end of September, there wasn’t all that much time left to visit the Oktoberfest on a reasonable day. So I ended up going on a Saturday afternoon. The last weekend of the Oktoberfest, a sunny day – and a national holiday, as well. So you can guess, it was very crowded.

We fought our way through the crowd, eating some chocolate strawberries (love those), winning a couple of toys at the shooting gallery and taking a ride on the chain carousel – that’s all I really wanted to do. We then quickly left, a very short visit to the Oktoberfest.

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