Sneakers in the Snow (Travel Theme: Feet)

Sneakers in the Snow

Sneakers in the Snow at Yosemite National Park, © Cloudy_Wings

I’m not usually someone to run around in the snow wearing sneakers. But when you’re travelling, you have to compromise. As I started from New York on a three-week trip in mid-February, the Big Apple started to show first signs of spring. And my destination, California, was promising to be a good deal warmer. Okay, maybe not during my first stop in San Francisco, where it’s usually raining that time of the year, but you get the idea.

Even though I knew I would pass some colder spots on my journey, there was absolutely no way I was stuffing winter boots into my luggage. A warm jacket was all the compromise I could make. So these sneakers (and the second pair I had packed) were in for quite a varied trip. They got soaked through at the beach of Santa Cruz (from rain, not from the waves), were caked in sand at Monument Valley, Arches National Park and various beaches and got a taste of snow at the Grand Canyon and of course in Yosemite National Park.

I already told you about the adventurous journey to Yosemite through snow storms and winter chaos in my post last week. So here’s the shoes I wore on that day. And while my feet didn’t get wet that day (which I was very grateful for), the ice caked roads at least taught me that sneakers are not the best footwear on a cold winter day. I’ll just pretend no one saw me as I slipped and fell.

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