Boulders in Central Park (Travel Theme: Gray)

Central Park, New York

On top of a boulder in Central Park, New York; © Cloudy_Wings

When you plan a trip, the color gray is probably the last thing you think about. You may wish for bright blue skies, clear turquoise water or lush green meadows. When your vacation is gray, it probably means you’ve had really bad luck with the weather. Or it just means that you will spend a few days in a bustling city surrounded by concrete buildings – which isn’t all that bad, really.

As I was looking for a picture to represent the color gray, I quickly found myself browsing the photos of New York City. But not the ones of tall gray buildings. Rather, I picked this photo of my favourite place in the city: Central Park. In the middle of this hectic and fast-paced city, there’s this sanctuary, a huge park with meadows, lakes, forests – and dotted with gray rocks jutting from the ground. Whenever I visited Central Park, I loved to climb on one of the boulders, then sit down, look at the people underneath and enjoy a snack in this gray oasis of solitude.

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3 thoughts on “Boulders in Central Park (Travel Theme: Gray)

  1. I’ve visited these rocks, but only looked up at them. Your composition – looking down from them and so capturing the drama of the rocks and the park beyond is truly excellent.

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