Olympiapark and Tut Anch Amun Exhibit

The exhibit about the Egyptian pharao Tut Anch Amun and his tomb currently resides in Munich. I had seen the Tut Anch Amun exhibit when it was in Munich for the first time a few years ago. Thus, I had not planned on visiting this time. But when friends asked us to go, we went along.

Even though seeing it for the second time, it was still interesting. The exhibit starts out with some general informatin about the different Egyptian dynasties. Then you go through a couple of rooms with video presentations about the discovery of the tomb. Eventually you stand in a room where you see the antechamber with numerous relics and finally the tomb itself, the way Howard Carter had discovered it.

Next follows two long rooms with detailed views of all the parts of the tomb, including the famous mask of Tut Anch Amun and replicas of all the relics found in the different chambers of the grave along with explanations of the rituals involved in the mummification abd speculations about the life and death of Tut Anch Amun.

Since the exhibit is in the Olympic park, we combined our visit with a nice stroll through the park before going to dinner. Finally, only five months into 2015, I made my second trip for the 12 in 2015 challenge.

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