An Olive Tree in France (Travel Theme: Trees)

What do trees have to do with travel? Everything, really. They contribute to the look and feel of a place. As we travel, the vegetation around us changes. We might drive through a vast forest of evergreens, walk through an alley of sycamores or bask in the sun under a palm tree. I have many travel memories that I associate with certain trees. I remember the first good look I got at an olive tree in the Cilento region in Italy. Or the eucalyptus forests in the same area. Cork trees on Corsica. Yuccas that seem so unlikely in a place like Ireland, yet still grow in every backyard. The giant redwoods in Muir Woods in California or the Joshua Trees in the National Park of the same name.

But often, the trees serve only as a backdrop, are simply a part of the landscape and we hardly even notice them. In photos, we might use them just to frame the picture or to accentuate the foreground, a mere accessory. But sometimes, they do take the center stage, like this beautiful olive tree near the Pont du Gard in France. With its grooved stem and wide crown it just begged to be photographed. Still, I bet most tourists simply walk past on their way to the actual attraction of the area and never notice the tree.

Olive Tree in France

Olive Tree in France, © Cloudy_Wings

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