A Walk Along the Isar

Blooming Tree at the River Isar in Munich

Blooming Tree at the River Isar in Munich. © Cloudy_Wings

It was the first really nice weekend in spring. On this georgeous sunny day in April we headed toward the river. Starting out at the zoo (we quickly discarded the idea of going inside after seeing the lines), we walked along the banks of the Isar, where sunbathers were already basking in the spring sun. We enjoyed the views of the river and marveled at the fresh green leaves on the trees that had just started to sprout. 

It was not a big exciting journey but rather a nice relaxed afternoon. So, does that count toward my 12 in 2015 goal? I say yes, since it was supposed to be a combination of vacation trips and small outings in and around town. Going outside with the sole purpose of taking the camera for a spin certainly counts as a trip, even if it felt like we were just around the corner. 

Even though it’s close, we don’t actually go to the river that often. Something we should devinitely change. It is a wonderful green oasis just outside the city center. Shaded by trees you could follow the Isar all the way to the Deutsches Museum right in the heart of the city. We didn’t go as far this time, but rather saved it for another day.

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