Newborn Butterfly (Travel Theme: Transformation)

This is a time of transformation. Spring is just around the corner. The sun is showing more often, its rays becoming warmer. And while the snow is melting, nature starts to wake. The first flowers will soon show their heads, and fresh green buds will sprout on the trees.

But, we’re not quite there yet. For now, the temperatures are still freezing and the snowdrops yet prefer to remain underground. So, for this week’s Travel Theme: Transformation I decided to go with a different picture which is just as fitting. Butterflies are the epitome of transformation in their journey from caterpillar to cocoon and eventually to finished butterfly. In fact, with the arrival of spring, we also await the arrival of the first butterflies.

Butterfly  and cocoons at Mainau, Lake Constance

Butterfly and cocoons at Mainau, Lake Constance (Bodensee). © Cloudy_Wings

This one has just emerged from the cocoon, drying its brand-new wings before taking flight for the first time. The picture was taken last summer, in the butterfly house on the Island of Mainau, also known as the “Flower Island”. It is located in Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Southern Germany.

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