Bear on a Pole (Travel Theme: Details)

When I’m out with my new SLR camera and macro lens, I love to take photos up close and take in the details. So when I read about Ailsa’s new Travel Theme: Details, I was confident to quickly find a suitable picture. However, most of my macro photos are of flowers and butterflies. Pretty, yes, but not very travel specific.

I realized that when on the road, I tend to take a step back. I want to capture the vastness of the landscape or get the entire building on a photo. In the meantime, I often forget to look for the little details that would make the pictures and the memories extra special.

Luckily, every now and then something catches my eye and I manage to hold on to one of those charming little details. Like these bears cheekily climbing the poles outside a tourist shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Carved bear in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Carved bears in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. © Cloudy_Wings

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