Travel Challenge: 12 Trips in 2015

I’ve been reading about this travel challenge in a number of blogs, and I quite like it. I tracked the idea through different blogs back to Need Another Holiday who started her own challenge back in 2013 in the middle of the year. Her original idea is to take a trip every month for twelve months. Since it’s January now, it makes sense to call the challenge “12 Trips in 2015”.

So, the plan is to go on at least 12 trips during this year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one each month, just 12 in total. Also, it can be anything: An awesome holiday abroad, a weekend trip to a cool city, a day trip in your area or just a trip to a museum in your town.

For me, this challenge shall mostly be motivation to take some of those day trips I’ve been planning forever, or to take the camera out for a spin through the city. In short, to get out more instead of lazing away the weekend on the couch, which is all too tempting after a full working week. And hopefully I’ll fit in one or two longer trips, as well.

Some other bloggers that want to take 12 trips in 2015 are The Memoir, TRVL 101 and Travel Morgan Travel, where I first came across this challenge idea.

How about you? Are you out and about all the time, anyway, and 12 trips in a year is no challenge at all? Or do you need some motivation at times to really get going? Either way, come join the fun!

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