Travel Theme: Mischievous

This week’s travel theme on Ailsa’s blog “Where’s My Backpack?” is “Mischievous”. It immediately made me think of the two little critters that ambushed us at the beach in Carmel, CA. We had just set out our picnic, when two squirrels showed up. They were obviously used to tourists feeding them and they started climbing all over us.

Squirrels in Carmel, CA

Squirrels in Carmel, CA, © Cloudy_Wings

Yes, that is my hand they’re sitting on and my lunch they’re eating. I’m sure it was not really healthy for them to eat my bread. But I’m happy they didn’t decide to chew on my fingers instead. Still, it was also a special moment and a special memory. It is not every day that you have a squirrel – no, two squirrels – climbing on your arm. In Germany the squirrels are mostly shy. As I have experienced, the American kind is a lot bolder.

For more mischievous photos check out Travel Theme: Mischievous on Where’s My Backpack?

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