Hello world!

A big hello to the world from my little spot here in southern Germany! I love being here, the place where I grew up. But I also love to travel, to see the world. While I can’t travel all the time, I can dream. I keep the memory of all the places I’ve already been and I dream about places I would love to see. I always have a shortlist of destinations to consider for my next adventures, as well as a list of places that would be great to see whenever I find the time in the future. Both lists, of course, change constantly, as I get new inspiration. But you will never find me lost for words when asked where I would like to travel. Some of my inspiration I also draw from postcards. I love to receive view cards from all around the world, and get a glimpse of a different country. The random postcard exchanges of the Postcrossing project make this possible.

This blog shall be about all of this. My memories, my dreams and plans. My imaginary journeys triggered by postcards i receive. And, of course, my actual journeys that I hope will be numerous. Enjoy!

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